Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demolition for the addition

It has been quiet some time since my last post. The reasoning behind my going AWOL was not due to the lack of content to write about. It has been just the opposite!! We have been under MAJOR construction here at the Korreckt house!! With what you may ask?!? A-Mazing husband has made my dreams come true as a mother and as a stylist.....We've been constructing a Salon for me here at home! It's going to take several detailed posts to display the fruits of our labor; so, I will start with a few photos of the demo and before!

Note the awning located at the rear of the home.

It had to be removed for the addition!!! Nothing like a Deere!


Looking through my back door was this OLD well house. This little treasure had to be removed.


Looking down. Notice in the bottom how it was hand bricked. How would you  like to crawl down there for that job? 

And here is where it will all begin. I are green with envy over the color of my home! ;)

I promise to return later for more on the addition! 



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