Monday, December 3, 2012

The Red Door Salon Part 2

Welcome to The Red Door Salon!

This sign was constructed by two old reclaimed post and then stained with a deck sealing stain to protect from the weather.
Here is an old piece of cedar that I repurposed. Tutorial to come later! I love that it looks like an old country store sign on my porch!
The stations are made from exterior doors that were pulled from a house that was about to be bulldozed. What a find, huh?!? There are shelves built in behind the doors for additional storage. I deplore clutter and wanted to be able to hide all of my salon products. These guys are so great that I want to do a post just on them!! 

The wall color is Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams.

Check out the tin ceiling! I chose this material because of the reflecting qualities. It is so important to have good lighting in a salon! Plus, I love the rustic feel that it brings to the space!

The round mirrors are from Hobby Lobby. The green set was a yard sale find that I recovered and painted. I get the most compliments on those. 
I painted the door myself and have promised many clients on a tutorial to come!

There is nothing superior about this shot and it has been changed a bit since this photo was taken. The room to the left is my color room and the room to the right is a half bath. 

Now that I've given a small tour, I'll be back soon with tutorials on the individual projects. Thank you for taking the time to see this space. I'd love any feedback!

Xoxo, Natalie

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Red Door Salon!

Here's an exterior shot of the salon. I am more than pleased with the outcome! I have the greatest husband and father-in-law in the world! It's a small, intimate space that is allowing me to fulfill my dreams of working at what I love to do, hair, and allows me the affordability to raise my daughter. It's an exhausting feet juggling both, but I'm so blessed to have that option! Let me know what you think!
In Progress: We still need to add some landscaping.
Love: The Breezeway...aka my "long" drive to work!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Demolition for the addition

It has been quiet some time since my last post. The reasoning behind my going AWOL was not due to the lack of content to write about. It has been just the opposite!! We have been under MAJOR construction here at the Korreckt house!! With what you may ask?!? A-Mazing husband has made my dreams come true as a mother and as a stylist.....We've been constructing a Salon for me here at home! It's going to take several detailed posts to display the fruits of our labor; so, I will start with a few photos of the demo and before!

Note the awning located at the rear of the home.

It had to be removed for the addition!!! Nothing like a Deere!


Looking through my back door was this OLD well house. This little treasure had to be removed.


Looking down. Notice in the bottom how it was hand bricked. How would you  like to crawl down there for that job? 

And here is where it will all begin. I are green with envy over the color of my home! ;)

I promise to return later for more on the addition! 



Thursday, May 3, 2012

"She's Only Happy In The Sun"

I had a car accident on my way home from work a few weeks ago. I won't go into the details, as I'm trying not to dwell on it, but know that I'm okay. Harper wasn't with me. Praise Jesus! And the other driver was not harmed either!

The whole experience has been most trying and after dealing with the problem for a week, being hulled up in the house w/o a means for travel, Cory, Harper, and I decided to jump in the truck, not much room, and head to Grandma Char's for the weekend. Cory knows Ben Harper's song rings true to me, "She's Only Happy in the Sun." So, he set out to make me happy. Did I mention that mom lives in Destin, FLORIDA?!?!!!

This was our first extensive trip with our new, little one, and I must say that she was an absolute trooper. We only had to make one stop, to and fro, to tend to her needs and make her happy. Other than that, she was her mother's daughter and immensely loved her time at the Beach!!

Since returning home, the car situation has been handled and is underway to being fixed! I'm excited about that, but have been very leery about leaving the house with such precious cargo in my possession. I wouldv'e been beside myself if my baby were with me in my accident. So, we've been spending most of our time at home. 

I've been brainstorming about ways to make my blog better and ways to encourage myself to post more. After some thought I realized how much the things in my life remind me of songs that I love. So, I'm going to be using song titles as my post's titles and adding music video's that coincide, because who wouldn't enjoy their own personal soundtrack of life? 

So, until next time, enjoy a little Ben Harper! 

xoxo, Natalie

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Master Bedroom "In Progress"

I have really been slacking on my posts lately, but I find myself not wanting to reveal any of my ongoing projects because none of them feel complete. With that said, I show you the Master Bedroom "IN PROGRESS". So, Be KIND!

Cory and I have been in our home for a year now, and as most parents, we have put all of our focus into our newborn's room and have neglected our own. So, as of late, it has been my goal to create a soft, warm, and relaxing place for us to retreat to at the end of a long day. We had a few pieces of rich, antique furniture that we inherited with the house from Grandma Korreckt.

To compliment these pieces, I searched High and Low until I found a headboard. I'm a Joss and Main addict; if you are not a member, check it out here and sign up for daily deals: They had a Tufted event, and here is what I found....

We are LOVING our tufted headboard!!
I thought of attempting my own, but with GREAT prices like you find at Joss and Main it wouldn't have been worth my time. 

My windows are only 36" wide. I found these drapes at Ikea and hung them at 90" high and 72" wide to create height and width to the space. I love how doing this accentuated the natural high ceilings of our home. I intend on doing this in all of our rooms. I also added the stick blinds as an additional texture to this space. It really added more warmth, allowing the natural light to seep in. 

Harper's side of the room.....for now!!

New candlesticks from Ikea!!

Things I need to finish this room:
  • I'd like to decide on a paint color; I'm leaning towards a light moss. I just want something versatile and neutral. 
  • An area rug for under the bed. Something with a traditional print might would be nice, or a grass rug for more texture that would compliment my monochromatic color scheme.
  • A new light fixture
  • Lamps for the night stands
  • Perhaps mirrors to hang behind the night stands???
 We are really enjoying turning in here at the end of the day!

xoxo, Natalie

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Frames: burlap, horseshoes, chicken wire, and moss covered letter!

I've been dippin' in over at a little too much; it has become a very guilty pleasure of mine. I love Holly's style and how inspiring her projects are. So, I decided to take some of her DIY inspiration, add a little Korreckt touch, and turn it into a little foyer love in our home! Please head over to Holly's blog for full detail's on the basis of these projects.

I had a few old frames laying around the house that I had been itching to use; so, in this first project I tied burlap strips around the frame, dangled an old rusty horse shoe with raffeta, and hung it in front of our existing mirror.

What do you think? I love the textures!

The next two picture frames were really beaten up, which I loved, but they needed a little paint. I busted out my flat, white spray paint and gave them a little touch up. Then I roughed them up by hand with a little sand paper. I found some rusty chicken wire in my well house and stapled it to the backs of the frames; I love the rust!! It really shows the character in age! I then hung a K that I had glued moss to with my spray adhesive glue and VOILA!!! 

I would love to find a way to hang that deer skull in the center of the second frame. I just need Cory's help before I get in trouble with that one! 

This space is still a work in progress, but I love the personal touch that it is starting to take on!

xoxo, Natalie

Thursday, March 1, 2012

An OLD picture turned CHALKBOARD!

I have been seeing different renditions of chalkboards all over Blogland and have been brainstorming over how I'd like to do one for my home. It finally dawned on me!!! I have a beautifully framed photo of when "I did that one thing, that one time," that has been hiding behind my guest room door. Yes. We are "Only Human" as Jason Mraz sings! I loved the photo but didn't want a constant, hanging reminder of a former life.

The glare is intentional!!!

So, I flipped the photo over, and painted the back with chalkboard paint! Shhhhh, don't tell my mom!!
I love the result and I still have the photo if I ever want to see 18 year old, pursuasive me!!

Now to find where I'd like to hang it. I will post a photo once that has been decided!

And I am working on so many other projects that I can't wait to post about. Until then, here's a photo of the items I purchased on Harper's and my trip to Hobby Lobby on Monday.

xoxo, Natalie

Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Old Wives Tale

Well, my baby girl is growing up too fast; she started rolling over this week! And wouldn't you know that it would happen while I was at work.

She was at home with Cory on Friday afternoon, he had her lying on the couch, he left the room to get some fresh clothes for her, and he returned to find her lying in the floor screaming.  My poor baby!! And her mommy wasn't there to comfort her. Ok, so maybe it would've comforted me more than her, but I was heartbroken.

That was until I was talking with a client of mine, who happens to be a Physician's Assistant, and I told her my horrifying tale. She reassured me that it's an Old Wive's tale that if a child rolls onto the floor before the age of 1,  he'll live a long life! I think someone made that up to make Mother's feel better, but it worked!! And Harper is fearless because the next day she practiced rolling over continuously!

I think we're going to be in trouble soon with her being so active.

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was wonderful. Our's was with this Love!

xoxo, Natalie

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glider Rocker Upholstered, Modge-Podged Canvas, and Embroidery Hoops!

Cory and I were overly blessed by friends and family giving us stuff for the baby once I got pregnant. My good friend, Kaylee- mother of twins, told me to come over and she'd load my car up. She just wanted the stuff out of her house!!! So, over I went. One item that she gave me was a glider rocker! It was already white, which I loved, but the cushions needed recovering. Having only ever sewn a pillow in home-ec class, I bought some fabric and went to town.

I was so pleased with the outcome! I Hope to be singing "Rockabye Baby" in this Beaut!

I then needed to balance the attention in that corner of the room opposing the mural. I wanted your eye to be drawn up in the same way that the tree drew the eye. So, I purchased some colorful paper lanterns and hung them in the corner. Then, I took an old mirror that Cory's grandmother had, taped it off, painted it, and hung it above the rocker! I LOVE the balance and the different pops of color!

Harper has several cousins. The oldest on her Dad's side, Zoe, gave us a changing table, white! To bring color and pattern to the wall that the changing table is on, I saw embroidery hoops hung in various sizes on Pinterest. This was the easiest, most inexpensive project for the impact that it made! Then, I jazzed up an old lamp with a little hot glue and ribbon!

The last corner of the room is the smallest space due to the closet, but it needed something. I had bought a wall decal kit from Target but I was at a loss as for what to do with it. I felt that using it in any way would take away from the beauty of the hand-painted mural. Then, an idea hit me! I decided to modge-podge some leftover fabric, card stock, and the wall decals to a canvas. Add a little ribbon for hanging, and here's the result!

I like that the fabrics give this room some what of an antique-ish feel while still maintaining a youthfulness!

I hope you've enjoyed! Please comment, and I'd love advise with blogging!

Xoxo, Natalie

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Harper's Nursery Mural and Custom Dresser

Yesterday, I posted the bedding and wall mural, which was the basis for her room. If you missed it, here it is again. 

Next, I saw an awesome book shelf/dresser in Pottery Barn Kids.
It was out of my budget and I already had a dresser, just needed the shelf. So I summoned help from dad and grandpa to build it for me. Here is a picture mid-process.

And the after...

Then, I decided it was too stark; it needed more color. So, I modge-podged fabric to the backs of the shelving, and added some decor. Ta-da!!!! 


And a special thanks to Studio205 for the photo!

More to come on HK's nursery....

XOXO, Natalie

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tree Mural w/ Birds and Owls!

As the Black Eyed Peas said, "Let's Get It Started." I have absolutely no idea how to do this blog thing, but I recently had my first child, Harper, and during the nesting stage of pregnancy I became a sort of "mad woman" to DIY projects. A lot of them were inspired by projects that I saw on Pinterest and it encouraged me to share with others. Most of my attention has been focused on my little girl's room. Here's how it took shape.

From the time I found out that I was pregnant, I started browsing through my Pottery Barn Kids catalogues. I completely fell in love with the Brooke Bedding collection. At the time I did not realize how popular owls were. I probably wouldn't have picked it had I known, but my mother purchased it and I then started compiling my creations to center around that.

 We inherited a shotgun home from Cory's sweet grandmother that was built around the 40's; so, I wanted to keep her room playful but still have an antique-ish feel to it. I spotted a wall decal on Pinterest-- I'm sorry I don't have the link-- and wanted to purchase it but daddy said, "NO". He was afraid that it would pull the sheetrock off if we ever decided to remove it. So I told him I'd paint it. He said, "you don't know how to paint!" My reply was, "WATCH ME!"

I'm stubborn in nature and LOVE a good challenge. It took me several steps but here is my journey....

I first outlined the empty space with painter's tape. I thought it'd be cute to put our initials, but when Cory got home he reminded me that it was Harper's room, not ours! lol So I made a few changes, painted the trunk, let it dry--I'm not patient--, and removed my tape!

Then, I eyeballed the branches, let dry, added my blooms, little birds to match the birds on the bedding, and then added some owls that matched some decals I bought from Target!

Here's the finished product. 
Cory ate his words!

XOXO, Natalie