Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glider Rocker Upholstered, Modge-Podged Canvas, and Embroidery Hoops!

Cory and I were overly blessed by friends and family giving us stuff for the baby once I got pregnant. My good friend, Kaylee- mother of twins, told me to come over and she'd load my car up. She just wanted the stuff out of her house!!! So, over I went. One item that she gave me was a glider rocker! It was already white, which I loved, but the cushions needed recovering. Having only ever sewn a pillow in home-ec class, I bought some fabric and went to town.

I was so pleased with the outcome! I Hope to be singing "Rockabye Baby" in this Beaut!

I then needed to balance the attention in that corner of the room opposing the mural. I wanted your eye to be drawn up in the same way that the tree drew the eye. So, I purchased some colorful paper lanterns and hung them in the corner. Then, I took an old mirror that Cory's grandmother had, taped it off, painted it, and hung it above the rocker! I LOVE the balance and the different pops of color!

Harper has several cousins. The oldest on her Dad's side, Zoe, gave us a changing table, white! To bring color and pattern to the wall that the changing table is on, I saw embroidery hoops hung in various sizes on Pinterest. This was the easiest, most inexpensive project for the impact that it made! Then, I jazzed up an old lamp with a little hot glue and ribbon!

The last corner of the room is the smallest space due to the closet, but it needed something. I had bought a wall decal kit from Target but I was at a loss as for what to do with it. I felt that using it in any way would take away from the beauty of the hand-painted mural. Then, an idea hit me! I decided to modge-podge some leftover fabric, card stock, and the wall decals to a canvas. Add a little ribbon for hanging, and here's the result!

I like that the fabrics give this room some what of an antique-ish feel while still maintaining a youthfulness!

I hope you've enjoyed! Please comment, and I'd love advise with blogging!

Xoxo, Natalie

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