Sunday, February 19, 2012

An Old Wives Tale

Well, my baby girl is growing up too fast; she started rolling over this week! And wouldn't you know that it would happen while I was at work.

She was at home with Cory on Friday afternoon, he had her lying on the couch, he left the room to get some fresh clothes for her, and he returned to find her lying in the floor screaming.  My poor baby!! And her mommy wasn't there to comfort her. Ok, so maybe it would've comforted me more than her, but I was heartbroken.

That was until I was talking with a client of mine, who happens to be a Physician's Assistant, and I told her my horrifying tale. She reassured me that it's an Old Wive's tale that if a child rolls onto the floor before the age of 1,  he'll live a long life! I think someone made that up to make Mother's feel better, but it worked!! And Harper is fearless because the next day she practiced rolling over continuously!

I think we're going to be in trouble soon with her being so active.

I hope everyone's Valentine's Day was wonderful. Our's was with this Love!

xoxo, Natalie

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