Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Ruffled Heart

I woke up this morning in regret!
I forgot to buy Harper a shirt to wear with her tutu for Valentine's Day. 
So, during nap-time I did what any respectable mother would try to do, 
I made her one!!

Here's how it went.....
I had this pretty red ribbon left over from a Christmas present.
I kept seeing ladies over the blogesphere make ruffles for their various projects. 
It is SOOO simple!!

All I did was run the red ribbon through the sewing machine w/ a straight line, NO ZIGZAG!

I used red thread to match on the top and underneath used white in my bobbin. 
This helps to see for the next step.

Next, just hold the underneath string, in my case -the white one, and then push the ribbon up in a ruffle. 

After I had created my ruffle, I laid out my design to see how it looked. 
I noticed that the center of the heart was going to show if I didn't fill it.

This made me think to sew a "V" onto the shirt before tacking on my heart. 
Doing this also aided in creating an outline for the shape of the heart, which centered it!
I ran that part back through the sewing machine. 
If you're afraid of the sewing machine, you could simply glue this part or hand-sew it!

Lastly, I laid the ruffles on top and sewed them on by hand.

How cute is my VALENTINE in this top with her little tutu?!?!

 And THE RED DOOR is always a beautiful backdrop!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!
I hope that everyone experiences the love.

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