Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cardboard Deer Head & Gratitude

 It is an honor to have someone trust you with their hair, and I've found that once a client becomes a "regular"you become family! I value that trust!! I also value that friendship! More times than not, client's are blessing me with gifts. That was the case when I was pregnant with Harper. 

Over Christmas I was overwhelmed with that same generosity! Tiny Phillips is a kindred spirit; she and I both love to craft. She is also a loyal client! Her last appointment she showed up with this little dear deer for me! I ADORE it! I can't tell you how many times I had thought of making several of these, and it meant so much more to me knowing that someone put in the time to bless me with such a gift. I am full of gratitude! 

Here he hangs! 

(look at the vintage buttons she used for eyes)

Here is a broader view, the shampoo corner. 
I also had a sweet client and friend of ours provide the plexiglass behind the sink. I was so stoked about that!!! You have NO idea how many times I have already touched the paint up there. So, this really warmed my heart. Thanks Terri Smith!

This little corner also had some new art to the chalkboard.

It's the same font as the logo. 

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