Wednesday, January 2, 2013

THE Red Door....glazing process.

I chose to name my business The Red Door Salon because with it being attached to my home, I needed a landmark to distinguish were customers should go. So, I knew when looking for a door that I was going to want to paint it. With that, why buy new? To Craigslist we searched and we found this Beauty; I'm pretty sure we paid about $125 for it. Not too shabby for an exterior door! 

Here are the steps for painting....
First, sand!! Just enough to rough it up. I used a palm sander with 125 fine grit paper.
2nd- Prime (not pictured). To make it simple I just used a can of primer spray paint to cut down on time! I had a well ventilated space. 
3rd-paint two to three coats of your chosen paint color. I don't have the name of the color I used on hand but if anyone is interested in the name, just let me know and I can provide it.  

After that has dried you start the fun part, the glazing!!

I've seen people use several different products for glazing. I wanted to go the cheapest route possible and therefore I found this MinWax Express color gel stain on sale for a dollar at Home Depot. Score!! I bought several tubes because of the price but I probably used less than a quarter of the tube. 
As seen, I used a fine painting brush so that I could easily get into any and all cracks desired. Just simply brush on and then with a paper towel wipe/smear off. It gives a worn, sort of, aged look!  

Lastly, seal with an outdoor PolyUrethane to protect from the weather! 

I loved the results so much that I decided to repeat the process on the interior of the door!

 I would love to link up with anyone else and their glazing victories!!

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